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Audience: Employee Commons visitors with events to add to the calendar.

Calendar Event

Faculty and Staff are able to add events to the Employee Commons calendar.  Once the event is approved, it will appear on the main Employee Commons page until the end date has passed.

Add a Calendar Event

  1. From the main Employee Commons page, click the + Add event link.

  2. Fill out the fields with the event details and click the Save (11) button.

    (1) Click the blue text and type in the title of the event.  The title will appear on the main page.
    (2) Click the Change image icon to add an image for the event or the Remove image icon.
    (2) Note: If the buttons are not visible, move the cursor in the header area.
    (2) If using the Change image icon, a small version of the image will be shown on the main page and a large version when the event details are viewed.
    (2) Since event images are shown in the event header, a stock image or a large image should be used.  When using uploaded images it is important to save the image in the correct folder. See the Change image section below for details.
    (2) If using the Remove image icon, his will leave a white block behind the date on the main page an header on the event details page.
    (3) Select the beginning date and time as well as the ending date and time.  If the event is scheduled for an entire day, only enter the dates and click the box before All day (4).
    (5) Type the building and room number for the event if applicable.
    (6) If the event is virtual, enter the meeting link in the Address field and the name of the event under Display name.
    (7) Select a category from the drop-down box.  All events that are approved will appear on the main page.  Some departments also have their specific events also displayed on their department home page.  The Category determines which page the events 
    (8) Leave this field blank for the event to appear for all faculty and staff.  If the event should only appear for certain groups, start typing and select a security group that is displayed.
    (9) Type in the details for the event.  These details will appear on the event details page including text with some formatting and hyperlinks.
    (10) To highlight CVTC employees for this event, start typing a name or email and select the individual that is displayed.
    (11) Click the Save button to submit the event for approval.

Approval Process

Once the event is saved, a notification will be sent in order for the event to be approved.  An email will be sent when the event is approved or rejected.

Change image

Images for calendar events should be used from an existing image in a department's Site Assets folder, a Microsoft Stock image or uploaded from a computer.

  1. The event header image can be picked by searching Stock images (1), from an existing image on the site, or uploaded to the department's Images folder.
    It is important to browse to the correct folder if uploading a new image.  Click Site (2) and then the Site Assets folder (3).

    Note: Recent may or may not display recently uploaded images.  Web search may show images that have copyright issues, OneDrive may have images with incorrect permissions for displaying on the site, Upload looks tempting but will create an extra folder not tied to a site, and From a link may result in a broken image if the original location moves.
  2. Navigate to the Event Images folder.

  3. The event image file can be uploaded in this folder by clicking Upload (1) then Files (2).  Browse to the saved file on the computer and click the Open button.
     A New folder (3) can be created in the Images folder if desired to keep the images organized.

  4. Click the uploaded image once to select it (1) and click Open (2) from the bottom of the screen.
  5. Click and drag the circle that appears in order to adjust the focal point of the image. When the focal point is set, release the mouse button.

    If the focal point needs to be adjusted, move the mouse on the header until the menu appears.
    Click the Set image focal point button to bring up the adjustment circle.  Drag the circle to set the focal point and release the mouse button.

  6. The image can be replaced by clicking the Change image button and navigating to a new image.  Otherwise the image can be reset by clicking the Reset default image button. 

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