Microsoft Copilot Chat

Microsoft Copilot chat enables you to interact with AI by having a conversation. This is a little different than traditional searches.

New Way to Search

chat in conversational language asking for summaries, analyses, tables, content, images. ai-powered chat gives you custom answers.

Chat vs. Search

Try Copilot instead of Search
When you need to​... With Search With Copilot
Create a quiz​ Find existing quizzes or questions online​  Generate a quiz based on information provided
Find resources​ Browse through various websites and databases​ Summarize the resources based on the query​
Create a training plan Find existing training plans or guidelines online Generate a training plan based on information provided​

Some Copilot Uses

summarize a long pdf, draft an email, generate images, learn new skills, get answers

create lesson plans, rubrics, quizzes, newsletters, images, brainstorm

Start a Chat

1. enter your prompt 2. check sources 3. continue the conversation


  • When using CVTC credentials, chat history is not available.
  • Chats are discarded at the end of the session or when creating a new chat topic. Copy or download responses before starting a new topic.
  • All chat responses need to be verified for accuracy and bias.

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