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****If you have NOT have a created a CVTC Employee WebEx account, please create your account before proceeding****

  1. Navigate to https://cvtc-employee.webex.com.
  2. Click Log In (in the upper right hand corner).
  3. Enter your MyCVTC username and password, click Log In.
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  5. Click Start Meeting.
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Personal Room (Meeting Info)

Click Meeting Info to get your URL and meeting number. The URL is what you will send out to your participants.

  • NOTE: Your URL will never change. Anybody that has your URL will be able to join your personal room when you are present.

Personal Room (Quick Start)

Here you can lock/unlock Room, record your session, choose call-in options, share your screen, invite more participants, view participants as they join, start/end My Video.

Lock Room: Lock your room so no other participants can join.
Record: Record your session including; video, chat, whiteboard, etc.
Leave Room: Leave room will close the session. All participants will loose connection.

Here you can view all participants that have joined your session.


Share Video
By default, Video is not set to automatically be shared with participants.

  1. You will need to click on the recorder button, next to your name, to share the video with your participants.
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  3. To stop sharing your video, click the recorder button.
  4. WebEx19b.png

  5. To change Video Settings click the gear, next to Participants.
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  7. In Video Options, you can choose which camera to use (if you have multiple cameras connected to your computer), set your video to start automatically, and get rid of video reminders when the meeting starts. If you have made changes, click OK.
    • Advanced Options allows you to adjust the video quality. These are set by default, if you want, you can make adjustments here.

Connect to Audio
Call Using Computer is the default Audio Connection. If you wish to change Audio Connection:


  1. Click More Options > I will Call In
  2. WebEx07.png

  3. Make not of the number, access code, and attendee ID. You will need to give this information to your participants.
    • NOTE: Participants will be on hold until you, the host, has dialed into the call.

  4. If your participants are connected to Audio via the computer, there will be icon next to their name, under Participants. See Joe Student below.
  5. WebEx06a.png

Share Screen
Here you can share your screen(s), specific files (including videos), and applications:


  1. Click More Options and then choose what you would like to share with participants.
  2. WebEx10.png

  3. When you share an application or screen, the Meeting Center will disappear and you will get a toolbar at the top of your application. This toolbar has all of the options from the Meeting Center window.
    • If the toolbar does not appear at the top of the application you are sharing, hover your mouse over the top of the application and the toolbar should appear.
  4. When your done sharing, click Stop Sharing. The toolbar will disappear and Meeting Center will re-appear.
  5. WebEx11.png

  6. You can share more applications by clicking SHARE or stop sharing applications by clicking STOP.
  7. WebEx12.png     WebEx13.png

Invite & Remind
Here you can invite multiple participants to your meeting or send a reminder to existing participants:


  1. Click Invite and Remind.
  2. Enter the participants email address (separated by commas) and click Send, or click Invite with your local email. An Outlook window will open and you will have to choose your participants from Outlook and click Send.
  3. WebEx15.png

New Whiteboard
You can draw or type on the whiteboard and it will be visible to all participants.


  1. Use the tools on the side of the whiteboard to:
    See participants, add textbox, add lines, add shapes, draw with pen/pencil, change color, erase, and save.
  2. WebEx17.png

  3. Click the X next to Whiteboard to close it.
  4. WebEx18.png

The Chat feature allows you to send messages to the entire group or a specific participant. Participants can also send messages to the entire group or privately to you.

  1. Choose Everyone or a specific participant to send a message to.
  2. WebEx21.png

  3. Type your message, click Send.
  4. WebEx22.png

  5. Your message will show in the Chat section.
  6. WebEx23.png

In the Notes section you can make notes about the meeting that will not be visible to other participants.

  1. Enter your notes, click Save.
  2. WebEx25.png

  3. Navigate to where you would like your notes to be saved, enter the File Name, click Save.
  4. WebEx26.png

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