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Email Security Changes

Posted: 09:13:32, Thursday, Feb 21, 2019   Expiration: 09:13:32, Thursday, Feb 28, 2019  

What is happening?
CVTC’s IT department enhanced email security on 2/12/2019.

Why is this happening?
A number of Phishing attempts have been reported where attackers are impersonating CVTC email addresses to extort money and/or obtain access to financial records.

What impact will it have?
In most cases the impact will be positive as more malicious email will end up in the Outlook Junk Email Folder rather than your inbox. In some rare instances legitimate email may be flagged as Junk. For information on how to manage your Outlook Junk folder reference the CVTC Knowledge Base at https://kb.cvtc.edu.

In extremely select cases if a third party vendor is being allowed to send email as CVTC (aka “spoofing”) there may be issues with delivery. All known vendors have already been taken into account. In the event that there is an service disruption we will work with the vendor to restore mail flow as quickly as possible.

Who should I contact if I have a question or concern?
Contact the CVTC IT-Service Desk.
Phone: 715-830-5555
Email: servicedesk@cvtc.edu

-- Chippewa Valley Technical College: Jessica Clarkson

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