Software - PC-DMIS Repair/Uninstall Error

  1. Click Start Menu
    Locate PC-DMIS 2020 R1 Offline, in the PC-DMIS 2020 folder.
  2. DMIS01.png

  3. Right click PC-DMIS 2020 R1 Offline.
    Click More > Run as administrator.
    • This MUST be done the first time the application is launched.
  4. DMIS02.png

  5. A loading screen will appear for several seconds and then vanish.
  6. PC-DMIS takes a long time to load, especially the first time running. It may take several minutes before a Software License box will appear.
    • If you are not seeing the Software License box, it may be best to minimize or close any other open applications as the box may be hiding behind those other applications.
  7. DMIS03.png

  8. Scroll to the bottom.
    Click Accept Agreement.
  9. DMIS04.png

  10. PC-DMIS will open a Whats New web page, this can be closed or minimized.
  11. Click Open Routine, from PC-DMIS.
  12. DMIS05.png

  13. Navigate to the location that the desired routine file is located.
    Double click the file or highlight the file and click Open, to open the file.
  14. DMIS06.png

  15. Verify the routine loads correctly.
  16. DMIS07.png

  17. It is a recommendation to pin the application to the Start Menu for easy future access.

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