Cognito Forms Two-Factor Authentication

Cognito Forms has launched two-factor authentication to help add an extra layer of security at login. This new feature enables us to better secure your account and protect CVTC staff and student information. This article will help you enable two-factor authentication for your account. Please note this is separate from the two-factor authentication that CVTC has for CVTC Single-Sign-On account login. However, you can use DUO which the same authentication App CVTC uses.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Once you have a Cognito Forms CVTC account, you should set up two-factor authentication to safeguard the data collected by Cognito Forms. A mobile device with an authenticator app on it is required for enabling. However, once the set-up process is complete and 2FA is enabled with a backup email entered, then the email can serve as the second factor.

  1. Open your account profile. On desktop browser click on your username in the top upper right and select ‘My Account’
    My Account link is shown in the dropdown when selecting your initials in the upper right cornerOr in the app, select the ‘Hamburger’ menu in the upper left and then tap on the circle with your initials.
    The mobile app account link is in the upper left menu or clicking on the initials

  2. You will see your profile and then if you scroll, you will see a ‘Two-Factor Authentication slider. Enable it by selecting/toggling the setting.
    Enable 2FA by selecting the toggle after the words Two-Factor AuthenticationDesktop View:
    Enable 2FA by selecting the toggle after the words Two-Factor Authentication
  3. You will be asked to confirm by re-entering your password, then select next.
    enter password in the text entry field to confirm

  4. Authenticator Setup: Use an authenticator App… CVTC has us use DUO for some CVTC systems, but this is a 3rd party system so you can use your favorite if you have one. 
    • When you enable two-factor authentication on your account and have verified your email. You should see the following pop-up on your desktop when logged into Cognito Forms.
    • Be sure to enter a backup email address.
    • Note: If you don't have a smart device, you will need to find something that an authenticator app can be installed on. CVTC has ipads or other smart devices for staff members. You will need to have an authenticator installed on the device. If the authenticator is installed, but you cannot scan or use the camera for some reason, you can use the 'Can't scan QR code' link to enter a code into the authenticator manually. Most authenticators will have an option for entering the code manually. 

      2FA authentication screen where you can enter the authentication code and your backup email address for when you can't use mobile device

  5. Open the Authenticator App and select the option to add an account. In DUO you can use the plus sign ‘+’ to add another verification account.
    The DUO mobile app screen for adding an account. select the plus sign near the top

  6. Use the scan window in DUO for Pointing at the square QR Code on the screen. It should recognize the square code automatically and present acode for you to enter. See the image for step 7.
    Aim the DUO app camera at the QR code on the desktop screen, or select no barcode near the bottom for an alternate method

  7. Enter the number before the counter expires into the Cognito 2FA prompt. If the counter expires, it will show a new number and start the count over.
    The account on DUO will now display a 6 digit code that changes every 30 seconds Enter the number into the Cognito 2FA prompt with the 6 spaces.
    Two factor authentication setup window
  8. Here on after, when you are prompted for 2FA when logging in to Cognito Forms, you will see the following screen. Open your authenticator app on your mobile device and select the account you added for Cognito and enter the code into the window as shown below.
    Two factor authentication code entry window
    • Alternatively, you can click the link 'Send a two-factor code to <youraccountemail>'. This allows 2FA if you don't ahave a mobile device with you.

Need help? see these links...

Cognito Forms Support Website - Two-Factor Authentication Doc and Video Walkthrough

Cognito forms has online resources to help with many issues. Here are 2 links that are very helpful for two-factor authentication.

If you still need help, please contact the service desk or submit a service desk ticket.

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