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Respondus LockDown Browser
Respondus LockDown Browser is a tool integrated into Canvas that allows instructors to require the use of LockDown Browser for Classic Quizzes. LockDown Browser is a proprietary browser in which students take the quiz. While taking the quiz, students will be unable to open other programs or use functions like copy/paste and screenshots.

Respondus Monitor
Respondus Monitor is an additional function of the LockDown Browser. On tests where instructors require the use of Monitor, students will be required to record their test-taking session via webcam. These recordings will then be automatically analyzed for potential cheating behavior, and the Monitor system will provide a risk index for instructors, who can then review the recordings for possible cheating behavior.

Technology Requirements

LockDown Browser Requirements
In order for a student to use LockDown Browser, they must have reliable broadband internet access and one of the following types of devices:

  • Windows: 10, 8, 7.
  • Mac: OS X 10.10 or higher.
  • iPad with iOS: 7.0+.
  • Chromebooks

The following types of devices are NOT compatible with LockDown Browser:

  • Android devices
  • iPhones

Respondus Monitor Requirements
In addition to the above device requirements, students MUST have a webcam and microphone.

If a student does not meet the above requirements, they will be unable to take a test which uses Respondus.

Instructor Considerations

What if some students do not have the required technology?
If students in your class do not have the required technology to use Respondus, they will not be able to take a quiz that requires Respondus LockDown Browser. It is recommended that you survey your students early in the semester to determine their technology limitations and plan accordingly. It is also recommended to add language to your syllabus to address technology requirements for the course.

If you have students who cannot use Respondus, you will need to create a second test and assign it specifically to those students.

What will you do if you detect cheating?
Have a plan in place for what actions you will take if you detect cheating behavior during your review of Respondus Monitor recordings. What specific actions on the part of students will warrant consequences? You should include this in your syllabus as well.

What will you do if a student misses the test window due to technology failure?
Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor are heavy-handed tools that both lock down a student’s machine and produce and upload large video files to Canvas. Technology issues are not common with Respondus, but they may happen. Have a plan in place for how you will respond to students who report failure of these systems. You may either arrange an alternative testing time or increase the availability window of your test.

Will you provide opportunities for students to practice using Respondus?
It is highly recommended that you allow students to take a practice test using Respondus so they can install the software and troubleshoot any issues before a high-stakes assessment. This can be done with any practice quiz within your course, or you can import a simple practice test from the Canvas Commons.

Enabling Respondus on a Quiz

  1. Create a quiz. Respondus can be used with Classic or New Quizzes.
  2. Enable LockDown Browser in the Course Navigation menu by selecting Settings > Navigation, and then dragging LockDown Browser up into the course navigation and selecting ‘Save’.
  3. Once LockDown Browser is available in your Course Navigation menu, click it.
  4. A tutorial screen will pop up. Select ‘Continue to LockDown Browser’.
  5. The Respondus screen displays a list of quizzes in your course as well as which quizzes have been flagged to use Respondus technology. To enable a quiz to use Respondus, select the down arrow to the left of a quiz name, then select ‘Settings’.
  6. Select the ‘Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam’ radio button. New options will populate.
  7. If you wish students to be able to use an iPad to take the quiz, select the ‘+’ next to ‘Advanced Settings’ and select ‘Allow students to take this exam with an iPad’.
  8. If you wish to also activate Respondus Monitor, select ‘Require Respondus Monitor for this exam’.
  9. Once you have adjusted the other settings to your preference, select ‘Save + Close’ at the bottom left.
  10. Respondus will adjust your quiz name; do not remove the additional text it adds or the quiz and Respondus will experience a sync error.

Reviewing Respondus Recordings

Once students have taken a quiz, Respondus will automatically begin analyzing their recordings. Once the recordings have been analyzed, you can review them. To review recordings:

  1. Navigate to the LockDown Browser navigation tab in your course.
  2. Select the down arrow next to the quiz name and then select ‘Class Results’.
  3. Respondus will arrange the recordings from Highest to Lowest review priority. High priority is given to recordings that contain a high amount of ‘suspicious behavior’ flags. Click the ‘+’ next to a student’s name to expand their entry and view their test recording.

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