Microsoft Teams - Who Bot

Who is a bot in Teams that's designed to help you find information about anyone in your organization. Who comes in handy if you're in a conversation with someone and need a list of everyone who reports to them, or when you receive an email from someone unfamiliar and want to find out who they are and what they're working on.

The Who Bot can answer the following questions:

  • Who is... to find someone.
  • Who works with... to find someone's collaborators.
  • Who reports to... to find someone's direct reports.
  • Who is the manager of... to find someone's manager.
  • Who has the same manager as... to find someone's peer group.
  • Who have I emailed about... to find people you emailed about a topic.
  • Who was in the meeting about... to find people you met with about a topic.

If you are using Who for the first time follow the directions below.

  1. Click Chat, on the left hand side.
    Type /who, in the Search field at the top.
    Click Enter.
    Enter one of the questions Who can answer.
    Tap Enter.
  2. Who01

  3. Click Add.
  4. Who02

  5. Click Allow.
  6. Who03

  7. Click Who, from chat on the left hand side.
  8. Who06

  9. Start typing Who and choose one of the questions available.
    Enter the First and Last name of the individual you are inquiring about.
    Click Enter.
  10. Who04

  11. Your results will be be displayed in the Who chat window.
  12. Who05

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