Small Origination Room Reference

Small Origination Rooms can be used to produce high quality video and audio for recordings and virtual meetings.


Employees who would like to have a high quality image for video recording in Canvas Studio or during virtual meetings and classes.


Sometimes a higher quality video and audio solution is desirable when recording video for instruction or attending online meetings. The small room origination equipment allows a controlled environment complete with lights, DSLR camera, and desktop microphone for recordings and meetings.


This equipment is available in BEC 31 and RF 105.


The Canon camera can be used as a video source and works the same as a traditional webcam but with a much cleaner image.

In Canvas Studio or in virtual meetings, the video input should be shown as Cam Link 4K.

canon camera

The dial at the top is set to ON (1) and the camera should be in video mode (2)

Wake up the camera by pressing the shutter release button once (3).

studio microphone showing Cam Link 4K selected

Your image should be shown on the small screen to the right of the camera.

The camera is set to auto-focus.

Rotate the large ring to change the zoom level if needed (4).


Turn on each light by rocking the switch to the plug power || setting on the back of the light (1).

back of lighting panel

The lights are set-up with the right as the primary, key, light with an output of 100%. The left is a fill light set to 50% output. The percentage can be adjusted by turning the brightness knob (2) on the back of the light to the left or right. The color temperature is set at 4,000K.


The Yeti X desktop microphone is used to capture audio.

Press the Mute button (1) to mute or unmute the microphone. A solid light indicates a live microphone. A blinking light indicates the microphone is muted.

microphone showing mute button

The recording level, or gain, is set by turning the knob on the back of the microphone (2). Adjust until the volume level indicator moves in Canvas Studio.

The pattern on the back should be set to cardioid (3).

microphone showing gain and pattern

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