Degree Works - Scribe Catalog Updates

This is an overview of how to update the Degree Works scribe blocks for program changes to the academic term.

These instructions will cover the addition and modifications to programs based on new academic calendars.

  1. The workflow is to create and test the blocks in the TEST environment and then copy them to PRODUCTION environment.

  2. Links to the required reference information and applications can be found on the Degree Works SharePoint site,>Degree Works Share Point>

  3. A Program Modification list is maintained in the C-Team SharePoint>site

  4. Select the academic term folder that needs to be edited, this will show all of the programs slated for changes. Program Modification image

  5. Review the Status to make sure that the program is>APPROVED and the Degree Works column is set to Ready to Scribe. You can filter this list.

  6. Additionally, open the Program Requirement Sheet for the program and academic year, they can be found here.>PRS / ARS / Tips | CVTC>. This will display the sequence that the courses should appear in the Degree Works audit.

  7. Open the>Scribe Audit>worksheet and go to the Block List tab. This is where all of the program blocks are recorded. This can also be found by going to the Degree Works SharePoint site and searching for the spreadsheet in the Project Documents library. Scribe Audit Spreadsheet

  8. Open the Degree Works>Responsive Dashboard from the TEST environment. The links are on the Degree Works SharePoint site.

  9. Open the specific program that you are going to make changes to.

  10. Run a fresh>What-If audit selecting the catalog year range you are working on.>Select the PROCESS button when you are ready to run the audit.>(* NOTE:>If there is more than one>Area of study>for the program,it will be listed and you will need to make the modifications on those scribe blocks as well. )

    Areas of study dialog
  11. From the Audit, Select the Diagnostics menu option to access the Diagnostics Report page. This will list the blocks used to generate the audit.

  12. Go to the Scribe Audit spreadsheet and do a search for all of the associated Areas of Study Major blocks for that program. If changes are required for the major, all of those blocks need to be updated.

  13. Open up the Scribe Block Editor and search and open each of the listed block in the diagnostic report. You will not need modify block RA001229, it is the>SCHOOL=Program Degree Requirements that applies to ALL programs,so you don't have to open or modify this one.

    Diagnostics audit screen
  14. Review the changes requested in the program audit. Determine which blocks will need to be update.

    1. Program blocks will be listed in the MAJOR

    2. General Education blocks (generally courses starting with the 800 series) will be in the GENED blocks

    3. If the number of credits change, this will be addressed in the DEGREE and MAJOR blocks

  15. Once you have the blocks identified:

    1. Go to the Scribe Audit spreadsheet, highlight and copy the OLD block line to the end of the list. This will be modified with the new terms and block number once you have edited the copied block. The original highlighted block line will need to be updated with the new Catalog End terms.

    2. Change the catalog terms in the remarks at the top of the scribe

    3. change the Stop Catalog Year in the block details to the term prior to the new start term for the new block for the existing block in the block details. Select Edit Details. Catalog Term

  16. Make a NEW block from the old block by selecting the Save As button. This will create a new block with a new RA number.

  17. In the NEW block update the start Catalog Year to the Credit term after the prior block ended and end it with 999999 – The End of Time. Scribe Block Details

  18. DO NOT reuse Labels !!! Labels are tied from block to block

  19. Look up the catalog terms in the Scribe Audit spreadsheet to edit in the block details. The>STOP Catalog Year will be spring, the>START Catalog Year will be the Summer.

  20. Test the new scribe block by selecting the course in the What If section of the audit, selecting by the Program and NEW course term. Compare this against the new scribe block and the change document to make sure it is accurate.

  21. Once all changes have been tested and approved. Create the NEW blocks in the PRODUCTION environment matching the block numbers created in the TEST environment.

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