Teams Calls - Overview

Teams Calls integrates with Microsoft Teams to allow for voice and video calling directly from the Teams App. For those with a CVTC phone number, Teams Calls can be used to call any phone number from Microsoft Teams. For everyone else, Teams Calls can be used for audio or video calls to those within CVTC. Teams Calls can be accessed from traditional phones, as well as desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.


Anyone using Microsoft Teams can place calls to others within CVTC. Employees with a phone number assigned will use Teams for their phone calls.

Teams Calls Overview 

    Microsoft Teams is widely used by various divisions, departments, and committees across CVTC for communication through chat, video, or audio using laptops or mobile devices. The college is transitioning to using Teams Calls for phone calls across all areas including offices and classrooms. While full-time employees with a CVTC phone number assigned can use Teams Calls to dial an outside phone number, adjunct instructors and students can use Teams Calls to contact anyone within the college. The video provides an overview of making and receiving calls, setting up voicemail, and accessing features within Teams Calls.

    Teams Calls allows you to make phone calls to anyone on or off-campus, and it can be accessed from the desktop or mobile app. Call history and voicemail sync between devices, and settings can be managed from one location. When receiving calls, any device logged into Teams will ring, and the same speaker and microphone settings used in Teams meetings can be used. To place calls, use the dial pad or start typing the name of an employee from the Contacts list. Voicemail settings can be customized by recording a message or using Text-to-speech. Incoming call routing can also be controlled using other options that will be covered in future videos and Knowledge Base articles.

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