Import from Canvas Commons

Learning materials can be imported into your Canvas courses by searching resources in the Canvas Commons.

Canvas Commons

  1. Access the Commons by clicking the Commons icon from the global navigation menu.

Find Resources

Search for Resources

Canvas Commons contains resources across all institution that use Canvas. Content can be uploaded to Commons from any instructor. Keep in mind that search results may contain content that is not directly related to CVTC. You can use the Filter option to narrow the search results.

  1. Type your search terms in the box (1). For example "cvtc student resources".
  2. Results will be displayed as you type (2). If no results are shown adjust your search terms.
    Note: Searching cvtc will not guarantee only our college results are shown.

  3. Each result is one Canvas type. The symbol and wording on the card indicate the type of resource.

  4. Click the title of the results card to view the details.

Sort Results

By default the Most Relevant results are shown.

  1. Click the drop-down box and select a different sort option.

Filter Results

Filters can be applied to show only certain results.

  1. Click the Filter button.

  2. Click to filter results. The filter will be applied as soon as the option is selected, no need to save.
    (1) With the slider to the right, resources that are approved by Ed Tech will be shown.
    (2) Click to show the resource type selected. Multiple types can be selected. Click again to unselect.
    (3) Check to filter by content types.
    (4) By default, the Undergraduate and Graduate boxes are checked. Check or uncheck to show the grade or level.
    (5) By default, resources from all institutions are shown, click Chippewa Valley Technical College how only our resources.
    (6) Click the X to close the filter and return to the results with any filters applied.

  3. Filters can be removed by clicking the X for the filter term.

Use Resources

Resource Details

  1. Click the title of the results card to view the details.

  2. Click the Canvas type (1) and then the title of the resource (2) to view a preview.
    Note: The preview will not have any styling applied as it will when it is imported into the course.

Import Resource

  1. Click the Import/Download button.

  2. Place a check mark before all of the courses you teach that you want to import this material (1). Search through the course list by typing part of the course name into the search box (2).
    Click the Import into Course button (3).
    Alternatively click the Download button (4) and then import the material into a Canvas course.

  3. The material will be imported into the course.

Update a Resource

Resources that have been added to a course can be updated from the Canvas Commons.
Note: Resources that have been moved from their original location will not be updated. For example, if you move a page out of an imported module and then update the module, a new page will be added to the course under the original module. The page that was moved will remain in the new location and will not be updated.

  1. In the Canvas Commons, click on the Updates link or find the resource that was originally imported. 

  2. An Update box will appear. Click on the Show Courses button.

  3. Courses that contain this resource will be displayed. Click the Update button.

  4. Click the Yes button to confirm the update.

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