Convert HEIC to JPEG

Apple now uses a photo format called HEIC, which works on Apple devices but causes problems when sharing or submitting Canvas assignments. You can either switch back to using JPEG for all your pictures, convert HEIC photos to JPEG on your iPhone, or upload photos to OneDrive or Google Drive.

          Change default format to JPEG

          You can switch the default file format from HEIC back to JPEG on your iOS device.

          1. Tap Settings > Camera > Formats.

          2. Tap to place a checkmark next to Most Compatible.

          Convert images

              Pictures can be converted from HEIC to JPEG using the Photos and Files app on your iOS device.

              1. Open the Photos app.

              2. Tap the Select button (1) and the photo(s) you want to convert (2).

              3. Tap the Share icon.

              4. Tap Copy Photos.

              5. Open the Files app.

              6. Tap On My iPhone.

              7. Tap the meatball menu (1) and create a new folder (2).

              8. Tap to open the folder.

              9. Tap and hold in an empty space (1) and then Paste (2).

              The pasted images will be in the JPEG format. share or submit the images from the Files app instead of the originals in the Photos app.

              Upload to cloud storage

              Photos that are uploaded to OneDrive or Google Drive are converted to a compatible format.

              1. Open the Photos app.

              2. Select the photos you want to upload.

              3. Tap the Share icon.

              4. Tap the cloud storage service, select a folder, and upload.

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