Canvas - View Quiz Feedback for LockDown Browser

Feedback can be viewed for quizzes that require the use of LockDown browser but not all links will show the feedback.

Sometimes instructors may not show quiz results immediately and you will need to view the results at a later time. Follow these instructions to view feedback for a quiz requiring LockDown browser on a laptop, desktop, or iPad.

Note: If using an iPad, the Canvas Student app cannot be used to view the results of a New Quiz. If your quiz results do not appear, use a browser to open Canvas on the device. Make sure your login does not redirect to the Canvas app, you must remain in the browser. It is recommended to use the Safari browser.

Navigate to the Quiz

  1. Open the quiz the same way as you did when taking the quiz. For example, click the Modules link (1) and then click the name of the quiz (2).

  2. Computer browser:
    Click the Open LockDown Browser button.

    iPad browser:
    a) Tap the rocket icon to launch LockDown Browser (do not click to Open the Canvas Student app).

    b) Tap Open.

    c) Tap Yes.

  3. Click the View Results button.

  4. The results will be shown. Your instructor can set which results are shown, you may be able to scroll down to see the questions and answers or click the Attempt link if more than one attempt was made.

Forbidden Error Screen

A 403 - Forbidden screen will appear if the results are viewed outside of the LockDown browser.

This screen opens if using the Recent Feedback link or clicking the title from the Grades link.

Do not use the Recent Feedback link to view quiz results.

Do not use the link to the quiz from the Grades link to view quiz results.

In Canvas App for iPad the Launch External Tool will display an error.

Do not use the Canvas App to view quiz results.

In the Canvas App for iPad the submission will show a message to view the page in a web browser.

Do not use the Canvas App to view quiz results.

Remember: The results must be viewed using the LockDown browser.

Follow the instructions at the top of this page to view LockDown browser quiz results.

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