Set Up Class for Zoom in Canvas

Set Up Class for Zoom in Canvas.

Class for Zoom can be integrated into a Canvas course so the software is accessible from a link in the Course navigation menu. After the course navigation link is enabled, check the settings and schedule for each course.

Set Up Class for Zoom in Canvas

Class Settings & Schedule

  1. Click the Class for Zoom link from the course navigation.

  2. Click the Setting & Schedule button.

  3. The Class name (1) will be populated from the name of the Canvas course. It can be changed if needed. The name is visible in the title bar of the app or browser window.
    Class ID (2) and Description (3) are optional fields.
    The Class passcode (4) is generated automatically. It is recommended to leave the generated passcode as there is no need to provide this code participants and it provides another level of security.

  4. Click the Advanced settings accordion.

  5. Check the default settings and changes as necessary.
    Waiting Room: Prohibit students from joining the Class until the instructor admits them.
    Students can join before instructor: Allow students to join the Class before the instructor joins.
    Require authentication to join: Students must be logged in to join the Class. Learners will be authenticated automatically when joining from the button in Canvas. Note: If set to On, all users even those joining from the Guest Invite Link will need to authenticate with Zoom credentials.

Add Class Dates

Attendance can be automatically recorded for those joining a Class session on the dates and times created for the course.

  1. Click the Add Class Dates button.

  2. Enter the Start time and End time (1).
    Enter the Start date and End date (2).
    Click the select the Days of the week from the drop-down (3).
    Select whether to Track attendance for this date range (4).
    Optionally change the Timezone and set a Section label.
  3. If the course meets on additional dates or times, click the Add more dates button and complete the fields for the new date/time range.

  4. If the additional dates are not needed, hover over a row and click the X to delete.
    This can be used if the class does not meet at certain dates within the range.

  5. Click the Save button.

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