Copy, Scan, Fax Using Network Printers

Scan to E-Mail
Copy to Bypass Tray
Paper Size Abbreviations

Scan to E-Mail

  1. Select Scan.
  2. Select E-MAIL, if you do NOT need to change scan settings. If you need to change scan settings, skip to step 4.
  3. CopyFaxScan01.png

  4. Enter your CVTC email address. FILE FORMAT is PDF, by default (if you want to send a JPEG you will need to CANCEL and proceed to step 4).
    Select OK.
  5. CopyFaxScan02.png

  6. Select SCAN SETTING.
  7. CopyFaxScan03.png

  8. COLOUR MODE: Must be set to GREY SCALE or FILL COLOUR if you want to email yourself a JPEG.
    RESOLUTION: You can change the DPI if you need a higher resolution copy of your scan.
    SINGLE/2-SIDED SCAN: If you are scanning a double sided documents, you will want to change this to 2-SIDED.
    OMIT BLANK PAGE: If you need to omit a blank page, you will need to select ON.
  9. CopyFaxScan04.png


  10. Select OK when done with scan setting.


  1. Place original on glass, face down, or in the document feeder, face up.
  2. Enter the number of copies.
  3. Select copy mode.
  4. Press START.
  5. Select AUTO COLOUR when copying in color.
  6. CopyFaxScan06.png

  7. Select ZOOM if you would like to enlarge or shrink your original document.
  8. CopyFaxScan07.png

  9. Change your copy using percentage on the left or by using paper size on the right, select OK.
  10. CopyFaxScan08.png

  11. Select 2-SIDED.
  12. CopyFaxScan09.png

  13. Select desired mode, select OK.
  14. CopyFaxScan10.png

Copy to Bypass Tray

  1. Place paper in the bypass tray.
  2. The bypass copy menu automatically appears:
    • ORIGINAL: The paper size of your original document.
    • COPY: The paper size in the bypass tray.
  3. Choose PAPER TYPE.
  4. CopyFaxScan11.png

  5. Select the appropriate setting below if you are NOT using plain paper, select OK.
  6. CopyFaxScan12.png


  1. Select from address list or dial the number directly (**you must press "2" before dialing the number directly**).
  2. CopyFaxScan13.png

  3. Select ADVANCED if you are faxing a 2-sided document.
  4. CopyFaxScan14.png

  5. Select 2-SIDED SCAN.
  6. CopyFaxScan15.png

  7. Place document(s) in document feeder.

Paper Size Abbreviations
LD = LEDGER 11 X 17
LG = LEGAL 8 ½ X 14
LT = LETTER 8 ½ X 11
ST = STATEMENT 8 ½ X 5 ½

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