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The Discussion Tool within E360 may be used for sharing and building ideas between you, other students, and your instructors. Often times your instructor will post an initial discussion topic or prompt and you will be expected to reply to that prompt as well as reply to others comments. In an online course this tool may be used to replace the discussion that traditionally happens in the classroom in a face-to-face environment.

Using this tool does not require participants to be online and participating at the same time. Instead, participants can post to the discussion board and come back later to read and reply to others posts. It is important to remember that since the discussion is happening by participants at different times that you need to visit the discussion board several times a week to stay engaged in the discussion. Active participation in discussion boards is an essential component to the learning process and building a learning community.

Accessing the Discussion Tool

The Discussion tool can be accessed in 3 different manners:

  1. Click on any post in the Unread Posts & Comments section of the E360 Home Screen.
  2. DiscussionUnreadPostsandComments.PNG

  3. Click Discussion on the menu, inside any E360 Course.
  4. Discussion.png

  5. Click on the link provided by your instructor within a lesson in your E360 course.
  6. LessonsDiscussionLink.PNG

Create a Discussion Comment (responding to an initial discussion board post)

  1. Select the discussion post to which you wish to comment. (Generally your instructor's post will appear on top, and any responses to the post already made by your classmates below.)
  2. DiscussionThread.PNG

  3. Enter your response to the discussion post in the Comments Section. (You may format the text by using the options in the comments section.)
  4. DiscussionComments.PNG

  5. Attach a file or files, if applicable:
    • Click the Browse button.
    • Navigate to the location where your file is located and double click it.
    • Click Add another attachment and repeat steps above if you wish to add another file.
  6. Click Submit to publish your comment to the post.

Viewing Discussion Posts and Replies

There are two different options for viewing discussion posts and replies: Nest View and Thread View.

Thread View: Only the post starting the discussion will be displayed in its full form; replies will be reduced to the headlines and organized chronologically. Replies will be shifted towards the right so that only replies to the same post were in the same line.

Nest View: All posts are displayed in their full forms; replies will be reduced to the headlines and organized chronologically. Replies will be shifted towards the right so that only replies to the same post were in the same line.

Click either Nest or Thread for whichever view you prefer.

Reply to Another Student's Comment

Click Reply in another student's comment or your own comment. Enter your response in the Reply section. Click Submit to publish your reply to the comment.

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