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Padlet defaults to the privacy setting of Secret, which allow anyone with the link to add posts or comments. It is easy for students to access the Padlet without an account. If the Padlet is used as an assignment which requires students to post and/or comment, students need to remember to type their name before they publish their work. It may be desirable to require students to log into Padlet so their name is shown on posts and comments.


Instructors who want to ensure students log before being allowed to view or post to a Padlet.

Change Privacy

Privacy settings cannot be set when creating a Padlet. The default settings allow anyone with a link to post or add anonymous comments.

  1. In an existing Padlet, click the Open share settings button.

  2. Under the Privacy section, click the Change Privacy link.

  3. Click the radio button next to Org wide (1). Make sure the Visitor permissions remains Can write (2). Click the Save (3) button.

    This setting will require students to log into their CVTC Padlet account before they are able to view or add to the Padlet.
    Note: A personal Padlet account will not allow students access with this setting, only their CVTC Padlet account.
    Use the KB article Padlet Log in for logging into CVTC Padlet.

Change Attribution

You can set the posting to display the student's name above each post.

  1. Click the Open Padlet settings button.

  2. Click the slider next to Attribution (1). This area also has the option to allow comments to be added to posts (shown not allowed) and to turn on reactions (2). Click the Save (3) button.

  3. The Padlet can now be added to Canvas with the link or by embedding.
    Students will be required to log into their CVTC Padlet account in order to view, post, or comment.

Student Warning

If a student is not logged into their CVTC Padlet account, they will see the image below.
They can click the Log in and retry area and use the instructions from the article Padlet Log in in order to access the Padlet.

warning message "You shall not pass! This padlet was made for members of Chippewa Valley Technical College."

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