Online Success Seminars

CVTC has several online seminars to help students and prospective students be successful. CVTC online workshops are also available in a face-to-face format.

CVTC Online Success Seminars

Online Time Management Seminar
Do you struggle with juggling all of the things you need to do? Do you ever feel like there's never enough time in the day? Time management is an endless series of decisions that gradually change the share of your life for better or worse. These seminars will review how to efficiently manage your time, set priorities, and reach your goals. Click here for a printable Time Log.


Career Planning Services
Not sure which program is right for you? Our online career assessment can help you find the programs that best match your interests, skills, and learning styles. Also, take a career decision workshop online or meet with our Career Planning Specialists to identify career opportunities that can help you find the program that best aligns with your career goals.


Online Study Skills Seminar
Setting yourself up for good study habits right away can help get you off to a good start at the beginning of the semester. This seminar reviews good study habits, tools to help maximize your studying as well as additional tips for test-taking.


Financial Aid and Paying for College
Do you need help planning how to pay for college? Are you in the appeals process trying to regain access to financial aid? This financial literacy course will teach you about the types of financial aid, financial aid policies, the cost of college, and our Money Matters program. Complete this course to find out how to pay for college or to add to your academic and financial aid appeal!


Free online and face-to-face HESI Prep Course
CVTC offers free online and face-to-face options to prepare for the HESI exam.


StudentLingo Workshops

CVTC has partnered with StudentLingo to bring you over 20 on demand student success workshops in the areas of Learning To Learn, Personal Management, Academic and Career Exploration, Online Learning & Student Success. The workshops are available to all students and prospective students for FREE. Once you complete the online seminars you will receive a certificate of completion.

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Academic and Career Exploration

What it Takes to be a Successful Student

This interactive workshop will challenge you to think about the relationship you have with your institution as a friendship. Like the beginning of most new friendships, you are likely facing some unknowns; however, you do not have to face these uncertainties alone. “Making friends” with campus resources, departments, professors, and programs that support students inside and outside the classroom will help you take charge of academic uncertainties and the feelings that go along with them. This workshop will help you cultivate and strengthen your relationship with your professors and your institution, and confront those academic uncertainties.

Learning to Learn

10 Habits of Mind for College Success

This workshop will explore ten habits of mind that promote the psychological mindsets and behaviors that cultivate success in college and in life. These habits have the potential to shape both academic and social engagement, and lifelong success.

Light bulb inside of cartoon thought bubble

Developing Critical Thinking Skills

Identify the key steps to cultivate critical thinking skills. Examine the definition of critical thinking and explore the complexity of this cognitive skill set. Learn the vocabulary associated with critical thinking. Reflect on the qualities of critical thinkers. Consider how your own personal critical thinking works in practice.

Symbols for eye, book, ear & hand

Discover Your Learning Style Preferences

This workshop discusses how your VARK (visual, aural, read/write, kinesthetic) modality learning style preference can impact your academic success. This workshop will help you determine your preferred style and discuss strategies for each modality style preference that can be used while studying and during tests.

Stopwatch next to test on clipboard

Exam Preparation Tips & Test-Taking Strategies

This workshop will explain the difference between studying and learning, demonstrate a 5 step exam preparation process, and provide specific strategies for multiple choice, essay and final exams. Students will leave with specific test-taking strategies, which can be applied immediately in order to succeed in their next exam.

Man pushing big arrow taking effort

Handling Failure In & Out of the Classroom

Learn what failure is and what it isn’t. Understand why it’s important to talk about failure. Identify common academic failures. Reflect on failure to determine what needs to be changed. Discover when and how to reach out for help.

How to Overcome Math Anxiety

This workshop is designed to help students understand and ultimately overcome math anxiety. You will learn how to identify the physiological and emotional aspects of math anxiety and the negative impact that results. This workshop also addresses methods to avoid math anxiety and cope with math anxiety so that you can be successful!

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How to Reduce Test Anxiety

Do you think you're ready for your first college exam, test, or quiz? The workshop will address test anxiety – what it is, how it affects you, and what you can do to overcome it. The presenter will discuss practical strategies for examining the source of your difficulty and dealing with it in an effective manner.

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Understanding & Avoiding Plagiarism

This workshop will help you better understand what plagiarism is, and what you can do to avoid plagiarizing when you have a written assignment. In this workshop you will learn what it means to quote, summarize and paraphrase appropriately, what types of information must be cited, and how citation systems work

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Study Tips & Note-Taking Strategies: What Every College Student Should Know

You think that you’re ready for your first college exam, test, or quiz? This interactive workshop will provide you with proven reading, studying and note-taking strategies for optimal performance in lectures and on exams.

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The Difference Between High School & College

Understand the definition of a scholarly community. Understand the professor and student contract, a.k.a. the syllabus. Explore the idea of intellectual curiosity. Distinguish between active and passive learning. Examine the importance of doing research. Differentiate among plagiarism, intellectual property, and academic dishonesty.

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Learning Strategies Every Student Should Know

Excelling in college courses requires a different kind of studying than students did in high school. In order to excel, it's critical for students to understand the difference between studying and learning. This workshop walks students through the basics of meta-cognition. The presenter explains how this concept can be integrated into study strategies and ultimately how it can help students move up Bloom's Taxonomy from lower level to higher level learning.

Reading and Writing Strategies

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Reading Comprehension Strategies

Learn effective strategies for chunking a text for the “big picture”. Discover effective strategies for annotating a text for the key details. Learn how to gain a better understanding of your readings.

Personal Management

Emotional Intelligence: The Other Key to Academic Success

This workshop explores emotional intelligence – the key skills and competencies that help you to be effective in your life and to solve problems in your emotional life. Students will gain insight into the dimensions of self-awareness, self-management, self-regulation, and motivation.

How to Achieve Well-Being, Balance & Success

This workshop helps students develop a sense of well-being that will allow them to embrace change, take action toward their dreams, and live a life of integrity

How to Develop Your Cross-Cultural Skills

This workshop will help students develop a mindset of inclusiveness. Students will learn how to increase their cultural responsiveness by gaining insight into their own values and by evaluating their perceptions about those who are different from them. In addition, they will identify strategies for becoming more culturally responsive and inclusive.

How Your Personality May Impact Your Academic Success

This workshop discusses how different personalities can have an impact on course performance. The workshop presents specific learning strategies that are most effective for the personality types that have a significant influence on academic success.

Overcoming Procrastination: Causes & Cures

This workshop will help students develop a mindset of inclusiveness. Students will learn how to increase their cultural responsiveness by gaining insight into their own values and by evaluating their perceptions about those who are different from them. In addition, they will identify strategies for becoming more culturally responsive and inclusive.

Stress Management Techniques: How to Minimize Stress in College

This workshop provides an overview of the dimensions of wellness and how they impact the everyday choices students make about their health and their overall level of well-being

Time Management: Strategies for Success

Consider that academic achievement takes time and you have to complete a large number of tasks in a short period of time. You may feel overwhelmed and stressed, thus leading you to consider how you might manage your time more effectively. This workshop will help you do just that: manage your time and behavior so that you can achieve academically and still have some room for fun.

Online Learning

10 Tips for Success in Your Online Course

This workshop will show students how to determine if online learning is right for them, review course requirements, define study schedules and good study spots, communicate with their instructor, and manage their time. The presenter will cover 10 key strategies that will prepare students for online learning and help them succeed in their courses.

Taking Tests Online: Strategies for Success

Online classes present unique challenges, particularly when taking tests. This workshop provides strategies that will help you be more successfulwhen taking online tests. The presenters provide practical and effective strategies that you can use to prepare for taking a test, as well as strategies you can use during the test. In addition, you will learn how to use the test results and instructor feedback to improve your future performance.

How to Stay Motivated & Disciplined in an Online Course

This workshop provides several practical tips and strategies students can use to stay focused and motivated while taking classes online.

Success Strategies

Hand in red circle and arrow pointing to checkmark in green circle

Success Strategies for Probation Students

Understand what probation can mean at an institution. Learn what is often required of students on probation. Identify what other resources may be available to assist students on probation. Learn how to reflect on your academic and personal strategies. Learn how to create a plan of action for academic improvement.

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