Google - How to Save a Copy of a Google Doc my Instructor Shared

Before you get started, it is important to understand the difference between 'Add to My Drive' and 'Make a Copy' in Google. When you open a Google file and select 'Add to My Drive', you are just moving that file into your own Google Drive for easier access to the document. If your instructor or someone else owns the file, any changes they make to it will be updated in the file housed in your Google Drive. It is a living document that is updated in real time.  If the owner of the document deletes the file from their Google Drive, the file will be deleted from your Google Drive.

When you 'Make a Copy', you are duplicating the original document and making your own copy that you can edit, share with others, etc. Any changes you make to your copy will not be reflected on the original document owned by someone else. In addition, any changes the owner makes to the original file will not be reflected in your copy.

1. Click on the link to open your instructor's file, whether that is in a Canvas or E60 page, in an email, etc.

example of link to Google document

2. The document will open in a new Internet browser. ** If you get an error message that you do not have permission to the document, you need to sync your Commons account with a Google G Suite account. Click here for directions to do so. Once you sync your accounts, click on the link again to open the file.** Once the document opens in a new Internet browser, click 'File' in the top left-hand corner. Then click 'Make a Copy'.

File Menu - Make a Copy

3. In the next window, consider renaming your file. Then, you will need to identify where you'd like this file to be saved in your Google Drive. If you do not have a specific folder to select, leave the setting at 'My Drive'. Otherwise, you can click on 'My Drive' and select a specific folder.


When you have your file named correctly and your folder destination selected, click 'OK'.


4. Now you will see your copy of the document open in a new Internet browser. Therefore, you will have a tab in your Internet browser with your instructor's original file and a tab with your copy. You are now able to edit your copy of the document. All changes you make to your copy will automatically be saved, and your copy of the file is housed in your drive.


5. To view your copy of the file at a later time, log into your Google account, click the menu in the top right-hand corner, select 'Drive', and find your copy of the document in your general drive or folder you selected when you initially made the copy.


6. Click here for directions on how to share a Google Doc. Click here for directions on how to submit a Google Doc assignment in Canvas.

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