SharePoint - Edit the Header

Audience: Commons content owners tasked with creating their group's SharePoint site.

Past Steps:

SharePoint - New Pages

This Step: Edit the Header

  1. Click the Edit button in order to edit the Page.

  2. The Title area of the header is modified by clicking the Edit web part button (1).  Use these setting to ensure consistency between pages on Commons.

    (2) Set the Layout to Image and title.
    (3) Set the Alignment to Left.
    (4) If the page is the home page, type "DEPARTMENT" or "COMMITTEE" in the Text above title box.
    (4) If the page is not the home page, type the name of the department or committee in this box.
    (5) Leave the Show text block above title slider set to Yes.
    (6) Set the Show published date slider to No.
    (7) Set the Show background gradient to Yes.
    (8) Since the header image is decorative the Alternative text box should remain empty.
  3. Add a title to the page by clicking on the Add a name placeholder and typing the name of the department or page (1).
    The name of the page creator should be removed.  Hover over the name card and click the X (2). to remove the name. 
    Note: There will be an empty picture icon and a box to enter a Name or email address.  Leave this blank.  This area will not be shown when the page is published and there is no way to remove this empty box.

  4. Set the background image by moving the cursor over the header area until the menu appears.
    Click the Change image icon.

  5. This will bring up a window to locate the header image.  The header image can be picked by searching Stock images (1), from an existing image on the site, or uploaded to the department's Images folder.
    It is important to browse to the correct folder if uploading a new image.  Click Site (2) and then the Site Assets folder (3).

    Note: Recent may or may not display recently uploaded images.  Web search may show images that have copyright issues, OneDrive may have images with incorrect permissions for displaying on the site, Upload looks tempting but will create an extra folder not tied to a site, and From a link may result in a broken image if the original location moves.
  6. Navigate to the department or committee folder within the Site Assets folder (CPD is shown in the example).  Click on the Images folder.  The path will be shown ending with Images (1).

    The header file can be uploaded in this folder by clicking Upload (2) then Files (3).  Browse to the saved file on the computer and click the Open button.
    (4) New folders can be created in the Images folder if desired to keep the images organized.
  7. Click the uploaded image once to select it (1) and click Open (2) from the bottom of the screen.
  8. Click and drag the circle that appears in order to adjust the focal point of the image. When the focal point is set, release the mouse button.

    If the focal point needs to be adjusted, move the mouse on the header until the menu appears.
    Click the Set image focal point button to bring up the adjustment circle.  Drag the circle to set the focal point and release the mouse button.

  9. The image can be replaced by clicking the Change image button and navigating to a new image.  Otherwise the image can be cleared by clicking the Reset default image button.

Next Steps:

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