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Audience: Commons content owners tasked with creating their group's SharePoint site.

Past Steps:

SharePoint - New Pages > SharePoint - Edit the Header

This Step: Vertical Section Navigation

Navigation within the department or committee pages use a Quick Link web part within a Vertical section.  These instruction detail adding the Vertical section and creating the quick link to another page.

Vertical Section

  1. Click the Edit button in order to edit the Page.

  2. From the left side of the screen click the + Add a new section button.

  3. The + add button changes to a x cancel button (1).
    (2) Select Vertical section from the menu that appears.

  4. Click the Edit section button (1).
    (2) Click to set the background shading to Soft (2).

    Note: Changes are reflected on the page so there is no need to save the changes to each section.

Quick Links

  1. Move the cursor around in the vertical section until the + Add new web part button appears.

  2. Under the Text, media, and content section click the Quick links button.

  3. A Quick links web part is added and the layout panel opens.
    (1) Click List under Layout options.
    (2) Leave Show descriptions set to No and Show icons set to Yes.
    (3) Leave Enable audience targeting set to Off.
    (4) Click the Quick links placeholder and type "Department Links" or whatever else describes the page navigation.
    (5) Click either Add links or Add a link for the page that will appear in this menu.

  4. Click the Site menu option (1).
    (2) Click the Site Pages folder, do not click the circle.

  5. Navigate to the folder and page that will appear in this menu and click the Open button.
    Click to select the page (1) and click Open (2).

  6. The path to the selected page will be displayed.  If this is not correct, click Change (1) and select a different page.
    (2) The page name will be displayed by default, make any corrections needed to the Title.
    The page will default to a SharePoint logo.  Select the button before Icon (3).
    (4) Click Change. Click or search for the icon to display and click the Select button.
    (5) The link menu can be used to bring up the Quick links menu, move the link in the list, or delete the item.  If this menu is not visible, click the name of the link once.

    Note: Changes are reflected on the page so there is no need to save the changes to each section.
  7. There is an editing menu for each portion of the vertical section.
    (1) Vertical section - Edit section or Delete section.
    (2) Quick links web part - Move web part, Edit web part, Duplicate web part, or Delete web part.
    (3) Navigation link - Edit, Reorder items, or Remove.

    Note: Deleting the section or web part will delete any content within that section.  Any content should be moved before deleting. 

Next Steps:

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